At Nature's Way Tree Service we specialize in all types of pruning. We offer fruit tree pruning, view
pruning, dead wood removal, and shape pruning. Our crew never use spurs to climb while pruning.
We use only non-invasive rope climbing techniques.
View Pruning
We can advise you on how to improve the view from your home by pruning your trees while maintaining a
natural appearance.
View of Puget Sound before pruning.
View of Puget Sound after pruning.
Dead Wood Removal
Here in the Pacific Northwest we have a lot of Douglas Fir trees. As the lower limbs get shaded out, they die
and remain on the tree. Over time the amount of dead wood increases and becomes unsightly and could be
unsafe. We can quickly and economically remove the dead wood improving the appearance and safety of your
Fruit Tree Pruning
Our Arborists can help your trees to maximize fruit production and look great at the same time. In many cases
we can help revitalize older fruit trees that have lost their vigor. We are also skilled in training young fruit trees.
Spurs should only be used for removing a tree. The use
of spurs while pruning opens up wounds that can invite
pests and disease. Over time this can do detrimental
harm to a tree that you want to retain.
We use the latest rope climbing techniques to
keep the climber and tree safe while pruning.