Specialty Services
Cat Rescue
Is your cat up a tree and can't get down? We can rescue your cat without harming the cat or the tree.
Tree Evaluation and Risk Assessment
Is there a tree in your yard that makes you nervous when the wind blows?  We will give you an honest
assessment of the health and safety of your tree and suggest options to minimize risk.
Storm Clean-up/Brush Chipping
Whether you need a tree removed from your house or you just need some fallen branches chipped, we can
help you clean up your yard after a storm or any time.
Removing a Western White Pine that fell on a
house during a wind storm.
A large Hemlock tree that fell during a wind storm
Storm damage that we were cleaning up
Stump Grinding
We grind all kinds of stumps. To meet your needs we offer stump grinding only, full clean up, and soil